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About the Filmmakers

Nice to Meet You!

We're Riah and Van, the eyes and minds behind Oblivious Media. We're self-taught creatives with a love for our craft and an even greater love for people. For us, there is nothing more fulfilling than picking up our cameras and collaborating with the wonderful people whom we get to call "clients". We love it all -- from bustling events to laid-back portraits, from elaborate narratives to smaller slices of life -- there is never a project that doesn't excite us.


We are supremely flexible, infinitely coachable, and decidedly driven. Combine this with our laser focus on pairing stunning images with meaningful narratives, and you've got yourself a team that will fully lend its distinctive vision and creative passion to telling your story.

Simply put, we love what we do and who we do it with. And we'd love for you to be a part.

A headshot of Van in a rainbow gradient. They are wearing a houndstooth blazer and beanie with a neutral expression.



Lead Cinematographer

Van’s love for literature, film photography, and independent cinema inform his creative direction. He pays special attention to the little moments and unique compositions that elevate a story from ‘good’ to truly engaging. When Van found video production, he found meaning and connection he had never before known. Inquisitive, dedicated, and passionate, he is a forever student, taking every chance to learn from his collaborators and their stories. When he’s not ideating, shooting, or doing business-owner-things, you can find Van shooting film around town, or painting in his apartment with his three cats.



Production Assistant
& Photo Lead

Riah is a researcher by trade and an artist at heart. They lend their talents to Oblivious Media’s video productions on top of their own academic work and portrait photography. A well-rounded and emotionally-intelligent creative with a background in community engagement and storytelling, Riah brings pertinent experience to each shoot they’re a part of. Aside from operating a camera in any capacity, Riah enjoys reading and writing, running, playing video games, and snuggling with the cats they and Van share.

Riah, Production and Photo Lead, in a rainbow gradient wearing a jacket and squarely facing the camera with a neutral expression.

You & Your Documentary

You’re an important part of our production!

If you’re working with us, that means you want to tell a story that’s more than just a montage of images. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, but you do know that you want it to be special, and you’ll enjoy being part of the process with us. Bonus points if you love cinema, too!

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