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Film Packages

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the stories that we tell, our offerings are sure to meet the unique needs of your story.

Video Production Services

The Short

Best suited for bite-sized production times, this package offers big narrative bang for your buck.


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The Feature

This package meets most needs, accommodating a full day of shooting and long-form edits.


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The Extended Cut

For the discerning director that wants those extra scenes and longer production times, we’ve got the extended cut.

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What’s a movie without popcorn? These add-ons can be used to customize any of our packages.

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The Short

Starting at $900.

Short, but sweet this package includes:

  • up to 5 hours of shooting

  • up to 8 hours of editing

  • up to 5 minutes of completed video

Perfect for anything that can be shot in a half-day session: small events, process videos, engagement stories, short narratives, and the like.

The Feature

Starting at $2,250.

This blockbusting package has it all:

  • up to 10 hours of shooting

  • extended editing time

  • our highest end cinema camera and vintage lens package

  • two camera coverage (an “A” cam and a “B” cam!)

  • up to 12 minutes of completed video

Ideal for all-day affairs, including weddings, large events, documentary coverage, branding and fundraising videos, and more.

Extended Cut

Starting at $3,500.

Includes everything in "The Feature" and:

  • extended shooting time

  • specialized editing

  • a second cinematographer

  • long form completed video, and/or multiple cuts

  • pre-production services

For the execution of ambitious creative visions.


Add any of these to your package:

  • photography 

  • social media cuts (short form vertical video)

  • super 8mm film footage

  • second cinematographer 

  • pre-production services

  • extra filming sessions 

  • additional edits

  • private screenings

  • & more!

These additional offerings enable us to further customize your filmmaking experience.
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