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Our Approach to Film

We don’t call ourselves videographers because our work is so much more than just video. Instead of delivering a montage of moving pictures, we prefer to craft impactful visual experiences. Our unique interview approach, organic audio capture, and filmic shot framing culminates in work that would be right at home at a film festival.

Non-profits & Organizations

Your Cause, Your Story

There is nothing more important to a nonprofit than conveying its message and garnering support. Because of this, nonprofits and similar organizations are in a unique position to leverage the benefits of our visual storytelling.

Whether your organization is applying for grants, trying to raise awareness or funds, bolstering internal communications, or simply recapping special milestones, it can benefit from purposeful and impactful video work. Our documentary style offers an intimate look into your organization, its people, and its message. Simply put, moving images move people. Let’s move people to join your cause.

A Behind the Scense (BTS) black and white photo of Van balancing their camera while filming a member of North Start LGBTQ+ Community Center. Van wears their "Oblivious Media" T-shirt.

Couples | Weddings & Engagements

Your Love is the Main Character

You and yours deserve for your love story to be told in a way that is unique to you. As such, we thoughtfully craft short films in collaboration with each couple that we work with. 

We know that for you and your significant other, each day is a story unto itself; your memories together, the values that you share, and the things that you hold dear in each-other carry importance that words can rarely convey.

We dig deep to find these feelings and translate them to sound and image. The result is cinematography and storytelling as precious as your love itself. You won’t watch the work we make together and tuck the video file away in some folder to never be seen again; you’ll watch and re-watch, and even show your children (and their children!). Engagements, anniversaries, weddings, and more–they all hold stories that we’d love to tell with you.

A black and white photograph with couple reading together in the background with the filmmaker, Van, in the foreground.

Artists & Creatives

Visualizing the Vision

There is no creative quite as discerning as the artist. The work of any visual artist or creative demands a high standard of visual fidelity and intentional storytelling to really get at what the artist means to say. 

What moves you to create? What does your process look like? How would you like for your work to be seen? We work closely with artists and creatives to support these queries with our documentary filmmaking.

A visual narrative, process video, or artist’s profile can help you as an artist in many ways: applying to grants, supporting e-commerce efforts, submitting to galleries, or positioning and branding yourself as a professional creative. We have the imaginative vision and communication skills to match your creative needs stride-for-stride.

A black and white photograph BTS with Van, the videographer, and a happy film client.
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